Fire Safety At Grade 1 Listed Site

Safe Services has installed FireCell from EMS Radio Fire & Security at Ravensdowne Barracks, Berwick upon Tweed, an English Heritage site in north east England. Safe Services required over 240 devices to complete the network system, protecting the historic site from otherwise invasive work.

Ravensdowne Barracks, a Grade 1 listed building in the care of English Heritage, was built around 1720 as part of the earliest planned barrack complex in England, pre-dating most other English barracks by nearly So years because of the need for a permanent garrison on the Scottish border. Originally providing accommodation for 600 men and 36 officers, it has been fitted with a 4 Panel FireCell Radio LAN network system installed by Safe Services after competitive tender. English Heritage required a compliant system to protect the historic asset, minimising disruption during the installation for itself and the multiple tenants occupying the site, and offering flexibility for uncertain future usage.

The EMS Fire Cell system, which offers a swift and disruption-free method of preserving nationally protected sites, was required to meet Lt/ 2 specification to upgrade the failing old fire alarm system. Safe Services removed the existing cables, which were too old and did not meet current specifications, at the installation stage and insured no loss of coverage during the works by phasing in the new detectors. 

At English Heritage we aim to protect the historic built environment for future  generations to enjoy. When we update fire protection systems in our protected sites, it has to be carried out with minimum intervention to the historic fabric, which often incorporates valuable materials such as timber, stone or historic plasterwork. The works at the Barracks included some historic sheet metal clad ceilings, which could not be damaged as well as the significant collections of three local museums and an art gallery. The FireCell wireless LAN system, avoided invasive work to the buildings and provided an adaptable solution with flexibility for potential changes where the future use of whole or partial buildings may be uncertain.
Paul Anderson
Technical Manager at English Heritage